Lazy Jacks for a Seabreeze
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Across the Atlantic in a Seabreeze by Jim Carrier #107
Allied Hull to Deck Joint
The Allied Seabreeze by Charlie Williams
Seabreeze Centerboard Location
Chain Plates by Art Hall
How to identify Seabreeze Hull Numbers
Seabreeze Centerboards by Roy Harvey
Some Thoughts on Rigging and Re-Rigging by Roy Harvey
New Windows Frames for Stardust by Joe Parker
Mast History
Fixed Port Replacement
Chainplate Corrosion
Sail Data
The Seabreeze 35
Seabreeze Excerpt from "The Proper Yacht"
Centerboard Pennant Detail
Centerboard Design by Michael Adler
Allied Factory Tour
Rigging/Chain Plates/Spars
Sail Magazine - Install a New Boom Sail Track by Andy Howe, #84
Sail Magazine - Installing a Tides Marine Sail Track by Andy Howe, #84
Sail Magazine - The Dodger Project by Andy Howe, #84
Yachting Magazine - Allied Boat's "Seabreeze" by MacLear & Harris
Cruising World - The Diverse Fleet of Classic Allieds by Tom Zydler
Good Old Boat - Allied Boat Company by Dan Smith
Head Over Centerboard
I'm in love with a Seabreeze by Helena Peterson
Good Old Boat - Cozying up your Cabin by Art Hall
Good Old Boat - Cabin Sole Do-Over by Art Hall
Good Old Boat - Secret Water's Second Life by Karen Larson
Sail Magazine - A New forward hatch by Andy Howe, #84
Useful Links
Excellent source for bronze hardware
Marine hardware including bronze
Lackey Sailing, Seabreeze restoration
Source for Monel centerboard cable
Click Here
Source for 5/16" square Buna N Porthole gasket
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