The Boats
Photos by Art Hall
Secret Water
Blue Moon
Sea Room
Art and Sandy Hall, Secret Water #36
Ron Blazo and Paula McKoogh,
Prelude #113
Andy and Gay Howe,
Keewaydin #84
Chip Schrader,
Sea Room #128
Jim, Mike, and John Hart,
Blue Moon #4
Dick Gray,
Ephraim W. #92
Joe French,
Destiny #101
Joe Field,
Venture #15
Jim and Beverly West,
Alcyone #66
Derek and Caelie Smith,
Cloud Song #108
Jerry and Cathy Doherty,
LaVolta #80
Frank Pecor,
Sarah #64
Bruce Parker,
Southerly #28

The Weather
Overcast skies -
A little sun & a few sprinkles.
The weather threatened, but didn't dampen anyone's spirits.
ASOA President Art Hall and New ASOA flag
Thanks to Joe French for providing the Mini Keg of Gritty's IPA
Events and Special Notes
First ever international rendezvous with Jim, Mike & John Hart coming with their boat, Blue Moon #4, through the fog from St. John, New Brunswick, Canada.
A group of 15 gathered at The Pearl, which is a waterfront restaurant,
overlooking the city docks and their boats.
Overall the day was a SUCCESS!
There were more than just a few dock admires that were intrigued by the collection of our fine old boats.
Seabreeze Maine Rendezvous
August 22, 2015
Rockland Harbor, Maine
Additional photos from Derek and Caelie Smith
Rockland Harbor
Sea Room
Blue Moon

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